Nothing compares anywhere near to Durst

“Nothing compares anywhere near to Durst. And the investment in the P10 was an easy decision to make” – Geoffrey Shippers, Owner, ZWF

ZWF is a creative sign and reclameakers serving mostly regional customers in The Netherlands. It’s never looked back since investing in Durst systems, first an Omega in 2011, a machine recently replaced by a Rho P10 160 for its production facility in Friesland.

“The amazing photo quality print quality has helped transform our business since we started offering products direct to consumers via our website,” said ZWF owner Geoffrey Shippers. “We have grown our internet business turnover seven-fold in a short space of time – and just about everything there apart from textiles is printed on the Durst.”

ZWF was founded in 2005 and has built an experienced team that provides tailor-made, customized solutions in design, advertising and sign markets. All are produced by its experienced in-house team, which, as a result, it says means ZWF can pay extra attention to quality and deadlines. And the icing on the cake is flexibility to finish the productions neatly at a customer’s location.

A big turning point for ZWF was moving into internet sales in 2010, and that side of the business really began to take off after search engine optimization was perfected. is now an established brand, with sales now representing 30% of ZWF’s growing turnover.

“The quality of the Durst Omega is terrific, particularly the colours, and it was three to four times faster than our previous machine. As our business has grown, we need more capacity. We looked at other manufacturers because we wanted to thoroughly test the market, but nothing compares anywhere near to Durst. And the investment in the P10 was an easy decision to make really. An added benefit is the fantastic quality achieved with the white option and we’re printing much faster on substrates such as acrylic, canvas, aluminium and wood.

“The P10 is extremely reliable – it has to be for our work – and we’re now printing even faster and with super-high quality. Everything we were promised when we visited Durst’s manufacturing site in Lienz, Austria, has been realised. We were most impressed at the set-up and being able to do live demos. Durst staff are extremely experienced and professional and made us feel most welcome. And the technical back-up service is very good if we ever have a problem, which is very rare.”

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